What is the Best Teeth Whitening Method?

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Yellowish teeth are one of the most prevalent dental concerns globally. It only makes sense that teeth whitening is also one of the most popular dental procedures. There are many teeth whitening methods – ranging from toothpaste, strips, gels, rinses, tray-based tooth whiteners, and many more.

What are the best teeth whitening method? This post will give you a definitive answer.

Teeth Whitening – A Quick Glance

Having white teeth is perhaps the epitome of top-notch dental hygiene. It is the most evident sign that a person takes serious care of their oral health. It also contributes a lot to a person’s appearance.

Unfortunately, having white teeth is often difficult to achieve. There are just far too many causes of yellowing teeth. There are several reasons why your teeth may not be as bright as you want them to be.

The most prevalent causes of discolored, stained, or dark teeth are smoking, coffee, wine, and soda. Other factors contributing to the dulling of usually brilliant grins include injuries and certain drugs taken as children. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to revive a dull smile.

Teeth Whitening Methods

The Perry Family Dentistry staff is knowledgeable about the many teeth whitening procedures. We will work with you and your specific circumstances to choose the most effective strategy to restore your smile’s brightness and self-assurance. 

Several office visits are necessary for some, while home remedies are sufficient for others. In either case, we hope you take advantage of your chance to rediscover a whiter, brighter smile with teeth whitening, which is arguably the simplest and most well-liked cosmetic dental operation.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

As with many other aspects of life, it is preferable to leave things in the hands of an expert if you want results that seem professional. At Perry Family Dentistry, our staff is equipped with the most up-to-date technology and is trained in the best methods to help you get the precise shade you desire. 

It just takes one quick visit to restore the luster to your smile. It’s a fantastic way to treat yourself on a well-earned day off, especially because you can unwind during the appointment while watching Netflix on a ceiling-mounted television in one of our luxurious massage chairs!

GLO Science At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

GLO Science is an award-winning, patented, and FDA-approved LED teeth whitening company. It is the only at-home teeth whitening device that combines heat and blue LED light to deliver faster results without irritation.

The GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device uses heat and light to activate a hydrogen peroxide gel precisely developed to whiten and brighten teeth without causing sensitivity. You’ll be astonished at how soon you start to notice effects, especially if you’re a beginner. Plus, it’s safe and straightforward to use. 

The kit’s reusable tray costs less than a tailored professional tray. However, it lasts longer than disposable kits and allows you to purchase whitening pods individually, enabling you to make long-term financial savings. One device, one button, no additional charging device, and a single charge that can last up to 30 sessions makes GLO unique.

One treatment with GLO (one treatment = five to seven days) is clinically shown to whiten teeth an average of five shades. Remember that every person’s smile is unique and that various factors, such as age, genetics, and lifestyle choices, can alter how white teeth appear.

Custom Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Trays

Cheap over-the-counter trays are a good value if you’re looking to improve your smile at home. Still, the truth is that they’re more wasteful, more likely to cause chemical burns, and more expensive over time than investing in a professional custom tray.

These are tooth-shaped plastic molds that you fill with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide tooth-whitening gel. These gel-filled trays are placed on your teeth for a predetermined time, often 3 to 10 hours.

Generally speaking, your teeth get whiter the longer you wear the trays. The trays are designed specifically for you by a dentist to fit over your teeth exactly. Perfect-fitting trays enable deeper stains to make perfect contact with the whitening gel and ensure that every corner and edge of your teeth are whitened.

The trays and gel are worn repeatedly during treatments for a few weeks or months.

You may say goodbye to the bleach sludge oozing out into your gums and resulting in excruciating burns thanks to a personalized tray to fit your teeth precisely. Discarding unnecessary rubbish from disposable trays is unnecessary because custom trays are made to last for years.

You may spend less and save more money by using the professional whitening trays we provide because they are 5–10 times less expensive than several well-known over-the-counter whitening methods. These trays are designed to be used with our custom trays.

Which is the Best Teeth Whitening Method?

The Perry Family Dentistry offers the three teeth whitening methods discussed above. Of those three, which one do we think is the best? In our opinion, the best teeth whitening method is having the in-office teeth whitening treatment, of course.

Having professionals work on your teeth is simply the best way to whiten them. An in-office teeth whitening procedure makes the process easier for both patient and the dentist.

On the one hand, the dentist sees firsthand how well the process goes for the patient. They see which techniques work best in real-time and receive real-time feedback.

The procedure will also be beneficial for you. It will only take one quick visit with us to bring the luster back into your teeth. It is fast, efficient, and convenient.

The process is relaxing – you will be in a premium massage chair looking up at a ceiling-mounted TV screen.

Consult with the Perry Family Dentistry

Though an in-office teeth whitening procedure is best, it may not work for everyone. Therefore, it is critical that you first have a consultation with our experts to determine which course of action is best for you.

We provide a virtual consultation option and other ways to get in touch with us. You can call us at 1-360-424-3133 or email team@perryfamilydentistry.com.

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